Ron & Nicolette Hooyman


Ron & Nicolette Hooyman - Flora Plus

A passion for flowers makes the difference

We started with a vision… two people grown up in families of growers with a passion for flowers and commitment to their work.

With these roots Ron Hooyman has founded FloraPlus in 1996. He began to work with growers to collect their roses and prepare for auction. Quickly he developed a fascination for both the growers as the florists and the possibilities it presents. He has channeled that fascination into research and development to create innovative concepts. Nowadays FloraPlus is a full service and specialized grower and supplier to florists. We focus to develop niche products where the passion for flowers makes the difference. The experience and personal attention makes our approach unique.

Characteristic of FloraPlus is the personal commitment, flexibility, transparency and passion of both the management and our employees.

With this formula we give the best of ourselves