Ron & Nicolette Hooyman


Ron & Nicolette Hooyman - Flora Plus

As a real pioneer FloraPlus started 20 years ago
with importing roses from Africa and exporting
a wide range of flowers to florists.

A passion for flowers makes the difference

Nowadays FloraPlus is a full service and specialized supplier for florists where the passion for flowers makes the difference. The experience, the personal attention and passion for flowers make our approach unique.
FloraPlus was founded by Ron Hooyman in 1994, who currently still manages the company. Characteristic of FloraPlus is the personal commitment, flexibility, transparency and passion of both the management and employees towards our customers.

What is our aim?

The aim of FloraPlus is to fulfill the needs of the florist. FloraPlus searches for products and concepts of which clients are able to differentiate themselves from competitors in the market.